Monday, 13 September 2010

Style Stealer: Cheryl Cole

Hey girlies ;-)

Something that I really wanted to do on my blog was a 'Style Stealer' that helps all you lovely ladies out there steal celebs' styles by using clothes from the good old high street. Most of the brands will be British (as I am from Britain) but the majority have online stores that you can order from.

You'll all probably have seen these 'Style Stealer's in magazines already but I wanted to give it a go myself and it'll probably be better because you can request a style by sending me a picture and then asking me to put it on my blog under the 'Style Stealer' section.

My first Style Stealer is quite a simple, casual outfit that, like Cheryl, you could wear shopping or out for lunch but it's still cute and stylish. I love love love looove checkered shirts at the moment so this outfit is a favourite of mine ;-)

Here is the outfit...

...and ta daa...

(I'd click on it to make it bigger if I were you, it's a bit on the itsy side)

Shirt - Dorothy Perkins £25.00
Bag - River Island £39.99
Shorts - Wrangler at £70.00
Wedges - Miss KG at £70.00
Sunglasses - River Island £12.99

These were the closest matches I could find and I hope they help :-) Watch out for more of these...

Oh, and how many times did I say 'Style Stealer' in this post?!

Love you,