Sunday, 19 September 2010


Hey ladies,

Seen as I am on a no-spending-money-on-clothes recover scheme I decided I might as well make a wishlist of clothes that I would buy if I could. That way if I win the lottery or some lovely billionaire decides to give me lots of money, I know what to buy.
It can't hurt to look, can it?

Those are just some beautiful things that I found whilst searching the internet. Now I'm just going to sit and look at them :-D, ahhh...

Love ya,

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Holiday, Three Peaks and a few more random bits and bobs...

Hey guys :-D
Ok, so at the moment I am very very bored as I have done all the work/revision for college that I need to do, and my friends have not. So here I am, at 5:00 pm with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a small Snuffles on my lap (a bichon frise who got his name by sniffing everything in sight. When I say everything, I mean everything...) with a quick but long ramble for you.
First I just want to talk about my holiday in Turkey which was AMAZING, I think it was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. My friends and I didn't want to go somewhere like Ibiza and party nonstop for our first holiday together, we like to think we have a bit more class than that (ahem). So Turkey it was and what a place! We went last month during a heat wave and man, it was sooo hot. Luckily we got a good tan from our two week trip away, one of the few benefits of a heat wave. I was a little worried about sun exposure but I'm sure my Factor 50 did the job.

OMG and you'll never guess what... we went PARA-SAILING!!!!! Hahaha I feel such a daredevil! For those of you who have no idea what para-sailing is (don't worry I had no clue either until this creepy Turkish guy started telling us about the thrills he got from flying over the beach), it is basically where you are tied to a parachute which is attached to a speed boat and the speed boat... er, speeds whilst you are flying in the air! It was so much fun and it really wasn't as scary as it sounds, in fact it was quite relaxing....
Ok that's a lie. I was pissing it. But no, seriously it wasn't that bad and I found it rather enjoyable.

Here is a picture of some poor, unfortunate soul who got roped into it like I did...

You probably won't be able to tell but the floating person is in fact tied to the speed boat and not just flying behind it.
Cool, huh?
Also, whilst I was on holiday I spent a bit of time reading and I found some amazing books that I would definitely recommend.

LA Candy by Lauren Conrad
Thanks For The Memories by Cecelia Ahern
Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Check them out, they're all different but really good summer reads.
Another thing I wanted to mention was in a few months I will be completing the 3 peaks challenge to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research Charity and RNIB, a charity for blind and partially sighted people. Basically I have to climb the three biggest mountains in the UK which sounds easy but really really isn't. Me and some of the other people who will be attempting the challenge (challenge?! more like the impossible mission that only James Bond can complete) did a practise walk and I nearly died. I don't think it's for the faint-hearted (which I clearly am).

One of the people who I'll be walking with said the 3 peaks is pretty easy considering all the hype that leads up to it but then again he said the practise walk was going to be easy so I now know that by 'easy' he means 'completely and utterly draining of all energy and so hard that it isn't possible to move until at least a week afterwards'. Despite my worries I am doing it for charity and must persevere. I'll let you all know how that one turns out :-/

Have any of you guys done the 3 peaks challenge? Please let me know how it was.
Love youu

Monday, 13 September 2010

Here's a toughy for you, ladies...

 ...or maybe not in some cases.
The contest has gone on long enough and soon the final film(s) will be emerging onto our screens. Over the past few years Twilight has divided the nation into two fuelling teams, one named Edward... and the other Jacob.
So what will it be?

Team Edward...

or Team Jacob?

Comment below, which team are you on?

Love ya,

Style Stealer: Cheryl Cole

Hey girlies ;-)

Something that I really wanted to do on my blog was a 'Style Stealer' that helps all you lovely ladies out there steal celebs' styles by using clothes from the good old high street. Most of the brands will be British (as I am from Britain) but the majority have online stores that you can order from.

You'll all probably have seen these 'Style Stealer's in magazines already but I wanted to give it a go myself and it'll probably be better because you can request a style by sending me a picture and then asking me to put it on my blog under the 'Style Stealer' section.

My first Style Stealer is quite a simple, casual outfit that, like Cheryl, you could wear shopping or out for lunch but it's still cute and stylish. I love love love looove checkered shirts at the moment so this outfit is a favourite of mine ;-)

Here is the outfit...

...and ta daa...

(I'd click on it to make it bigger if I were you, it's a bit on the itsy side)

Shirt - Dorothy Perkins £25.00
Bag - River Island £39.99
Shorts - Wrangler at £70.00
Wedges - Miss KG at £70.00
Sunglasses - River Island £12.99

These were the closest matches I could find and I hope they help :-) Watch out for more of these...

Oh, and how many times did I say 'Style Stealer' in this post?!

Love you,

Sunday, 12 September 2010

London Baby!

Hello ladies :-D

Today's second blog (I'm feeling a little guilty about being totally MIA recently :-/) is going to be about LONDON baby!
I was having a little clean out yesterday around the flat and found some tickets from when I went to London a few months ago to watch the Lion King! I can't believe I didn't mention it sooner but... erm, ok there is no reason I didn't mention it sooner lol.

So yeah, last month I went to London with my mum and my sister to watch the Lion King. It. Was. AMAZING! I always loved Lion King as a child and watching it again just made me feel so happy. The costumes were fantastic and the music, oh my word, if you ever go, watch out for the  person who plays the baboon, her voice is just, beyond words amazing. I would definitely recommend going to watch it, even just thinking about it makes me smile haha.

I could actually talk about it all day but I don't want to spoil it in case you're thinking of going so I'll stop right there with the Lion King :-D.

Other than visiting the West End to watch the Lion King, which is the main reason we went, we did all of the other touristy bits; we went on the London Eye, we visited Buckingham Palace, we saw Big Ben, we went on a boat ride down the Thames and we saw the changing of the guards. It was the first time I had ever been to London so I was very excited to see all the landmarks in person. The London Eye wasn't any where near as busy as I thought it would be... I don't know if that was just that day but, yeah, I was very grateful for it. Oh and we went on the tube! It was so surreal lol. There's probably people from London that use the tube every day reading this thinking, the tube? Really? Haha, well I enjoyed it.

And of course, we went shopping down Oxford Street. How could we not? It was so long! And there were so many shops! I was shocked. And the Topshop was the biggest I have ever seen in my life! Omg, I was in heaven, I think I'm going to move to Oxford Street when I'm older.
We had so much fun and took about a million pictures. I picked out the best ones to show you guys :-D

Hope you enjoyed,
Love ya
Emma ...x

Dolly Bow Bow

Good morning my lovelies :-D

Today I had a wonderful surprise when I received some delightful new jewelry in the post!!! I don't know about you but I absolutely LOVE new jewelry and am always searching for something lovely so when I came across a website selling the most gorgeous items in the world I was super excited. The website is called Dolly Bow Bow and sells beautiful, vintage necklaces and bracelets at a great price and to be honest the website itself sold it to me, no matter what the jewelry was like I'd have bought something.

Luckily everything was gorgeous and so I picked up a couple of fantastic pieces. Et voila...

This Lovebirds necklace is so beautiful and delicate and it was only £5.99. All of the necklaces can be purchased with either a long or a short chain but I preferred the short chain with this one. I think the longer chain is a little more expensive as well.

This is called an Alice in Wonderland bracelet and don't you think it is just the cutest thing ever! I love how it's gold (not real gold though obviously lol) with little roses and pearls dotted around and if you look at each of the little charms, they're all Alice in Wonderland inspired which I think is a really clever idea. I think this is one of my favourite purchases and it was £12.

I love simple but pretty things like this Peach Rope Bow bracelet and because it was only £6 I thought it would look really cute with a mix of bracelets.

And the ring I really loved as well. Pixie Lott was pictured with this ring and because she is one of my style icons I couldn't resist copying her a little. I think I'll wear it tomorrow at college and if people ask me about it I'll just be like, yeah Pixie has it as well haha.

I bought everything last week and since then a load of new beautiful items have come into stock so I think I'll be buying some more soon...
Everything came in a small pink pouch with little sequin stars and, for all you Brits out there, there is free UK postage (woop woop!).
The site is run by a girl called Kate who has her own youtube channel... I really think you should go watch her, she is amazing.

And here is the link to the jewelry website...

See for yourselves why I am so happy on this miserable Sunday morning. :-D

Love you

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Haul Time!

Hello lovelies :-D

I have a mini haul for you all today and since my camera decided to die the other week the pictures were taken on my sisters camera so please excuse the quality. I'm sure you won't mind but just for those fussy ones I thought I'd apologize. Oh and the photos themselves aren't that great, definately not some of my finest work, as I was in a lazy mood. But you get the basic idea of the items. Oh and the lighting is TERRIBLE. Yes, this is not looking good. Time to use your imagination ladies.

So anyway, I was in town the other day having some nice, low-budget coffee with my friends (I'm trying to save for college funds) when my eyes decided to see a clothes shop. That was it, I was screwed. Like love at first sight really excpet I did not feel love (well maybe a little), instead I was filled with anger and annoyance at my eyes. 
I had to buy something, even if it was just a necklace or some shoes. But then doesn't everyone buy something when they go into town? Isn't it like, the law or something?
So I headed in. 

A few hours and a few more clothes shops later I emerged with some jewelry and a jacket and a top and a bag and a book... basically with a whole lot more than I had intended to emerge with. Stupid pay check still in my bag.

There isn't actually that much but I thought I might as well show you all.

Hmm yes the lighting is a bit crappy.

Large Cream Ring - Primark £1.50
Flower Earring Set - Primark £1.00 (I think)
Flower Necklace - Miss Selfridge £8.00 SALE
Diamond Bow Earrings - Lipsy £8.00 (I think)
Black Jaguar Bangle - Lispy £10.00 (I think)
Hot Pink Flower - New Look £3.00
Large Pearl Necklace - Primark £3.00
Pale Pink Necklace - Primark £3.00
Brown Leather Jacket - Topshop £50.00
Grey Flowery Tote - Primark £5.00 (I think)
Sheer Cream Blouse - Topshop £28.00 (I think)
Love Lies - W H Smith £6.99

I wasn't sure on some of the prices but the amounts I gave are what I think are right. I only bought them yesterday so my memory should be pretty accurate :-/ Even though I wasn't paying that much attention if I'm honest.

I bought a few more clothes but they have disappeared off the face of the earth so I will either take pictures when I find them (not if I find them, I am determined) OR just steal pictures off the websites and add them onto this post, mwa ha ha haaa...

Watch this space ;-)

Love you all.
Emma ...x

Friday, 13 August 2010

Style Icon: Lauren Conrad

Hello ladies ;-D

So, after checking out a few (ok a lot) of blogs I have noticed that a common trend in the blogging world is Style Icon posts. So that is what this blog is going to be about, my style icon...

Ok this is too hard, I have a lot of style icons, I mean a lot. A lot, a lot. Too many, in fact. There's Pixie Lott, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Cheryl Cole, Lauren Conrad, flippin nora the list goes on. So for you guys sake I'm just gonna pick at random. And then do the rest on other days. Sounds reasonable. Right? Ok.




So then, has chosen Lauren Conrad, goody goody :-D.

I absolutely love Lauren Conrad's style, whether she's at the gym or on the red carpet I always think she looks fantabulous. And I love her hair. And she's so pretty... Ok, don't worry this is NOT some lesbian crush I just think she's amazing. She's just one of those people that will always look glamorous whatever she's doing and for that I am very jealous.

I'm not sure how I'd describe her style, it's classy whilst young but sophisticated and stylish. And very effortless which I love. Anyway, you can judge for yourselves...

Another reason why I adore Lauren is due to the fact that she left the Hills before it flopped, rather than sticking it out and squeezing as much fame and money from it as she possibly could like some people I could mention (cough*Speidi*cough), she acknowledged that it had run it's course and I admire that. In my head that all makes sense by the way.

Oh and I love her books, I wouldn't say they're of the best literacy ever but they have a good storyline and, despite the saying 'don't judge a book by it's cover, I looooove  the book's cover! Very simple but girly.

Anyone else an LC fan?

More blogs soon.
Love you all.
Emma ...x

Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Day in the Garden

Hey guys ;-)

This blog (kinda like my last one) is completely random. I was in the garden yesterday, just walking around, as you do, and I saw a ladybird on a rock. It was so adorable and it just brought all these memories of when I was a child and I used to go out into the field and look for ladybirds and then put them in a wheelbarrow which I'd made into a ladybird home and then one day I invited my friend to do it with me and he found two ladybirds... you know... making babies and put them down my top and I screamed so hard but then I came back the next day and found more humping ladybirds and made the wheelbarrow home into a baby making home...

Wow I was sad.

Anyway I took a few pictures (with my sisters camera so they aren't the best quality) and thought I'd show them to you. Oh yes and by the way your eyes are not failing you, it is sunny in the pictures meaning, yes that's right it was sunny in England.

Cute huh?
So yeah, totally random blog but I hope it brought back some memories for you guys.
Talk to you soon,
Love you
Emma ...x

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Toy Story 3

Good morning bloggers :-D

Yesterday I was feeling kinda bored so I decided I would release my inner child (which felt rather liberating if I'm honest). I just thought to hell with it (which isn't very childlike) and I got off my backside to watch Toy Story 3 in 3d at the cinema!

Now, I don't know about you guys but I watched Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 and loved them so obviously I was going to watch Toy Story 3 no matter what age I was. Luckily for me I had three friends with me for moral support in case I got laughed out of the cinema by thousands of children all hyped up on sweets, which would have been very embarrassing if I was on my own. Fortunately that did not happen but I was still glad of the support.

Although they insisted it was a bit too babyish for their likings I could tell my friends all looooved it and as did I. The film was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to all you Disney lovers so get you arses over there before they stop showing it. 

I wouldn't bother about getting it in 3d by the way, there were like, no 3d parts except for in the trailers at the beginning and in this weird Day and Night clip that made absolutely no sense and was completely unnecessary but the Pixar people decided to show us anyway (when you think the film is about to start they show this random cartoon, watch out for it, its so weird).

In my opinion it was better than Toy Story 2 but perhaps not as good as Toy Story 1 ( you can never beat the original, for some reason they're always the best) but it was a lot different to them both. And did I mention it was really good?
So yeah, sorry about this random blog but I thought I'd tell you about the film whilst it was fresh in my mind.
Go watch it.
Love you all.
Emma ...x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Hey everybody :-)

I have been so excited about starting a new blog for ages now and I finally got round to making one! I want to share with you my love for fashion, makeup, photography and interior design, all in one little blog. I'm 16 years old and I am about to go to college to study photography, fashion, english and fran├žais ;-) so hopefully by making this blog I'll learn a little more :-D. My moto for life is Live, Laugh, Love (hence the title of my blog) and fingers crossed you'll all see that portrayed in my blog and decide to follow.
Bye for now, enjoy what's to come.
Emma ...x