Sunday, 12 September 2010

Dolly Bow Bow

Good morning my lovelies :-D

Today I had a wonderful surprise when I received some delightful new jewelry in the post!!! I don't know about you but I absolutely LOVE new jewelry and am always searching for something lovely so when I came across a website selling the most gorgeous items in the world I was super excited. The website is called Dolly Bow Bow and sells beautiful, vintage necklaces and bracelets at a great price and to be honest the website itself sold it to me, no matter what the jewelry was like I'd have bought something.

Luckily everything was gorgeous and so I picked up a couple of fantastic pieces. Et voila...

This Lovebirds necklace is so beautiful and delicate and it was only £5.99. All of the necklaces can be purchased with either a long or a short chain but I preferred the short chain with this one. I think the longer chain is a little more expensive as well.

This is called an Alice in Wonderland bracelet and don't you think it is just the cutest thing ever! I love how it's gold (not real gold though obviously lol) with little roses and pearls dotted around and if you look at each of the little charms, they're all Alice in Wonderland inspired which I think is a really clever idea. I think this is one of my favourite purchases and it was £12.

I love simple but pretty things like this Peach Rope Bow bracelet and because it was only £6 I thought it would look really cute with a mix of bracelets.

And the ring I really loved as well. Pixie Lott was pictured with this ring and because she is one of my style icons I couldn't resist copying her a little. I think I'll wear it tomorrow at college and if people ask me about it I'll just be like, yeah Pixie has it as well haha.

I bought everything last week and since then a load of new beautiful items have come into stock so I think I'll be buying some more soon...
Everything came in a small pink pouch with little sequin stars and, for all you Brits out there, there is free UK postage (woop woop!).
The site is run by a girl called Kate who has her own youtube channel... I really think you should go watch her, she is amazing.

And here is the link to the jewelry website...

See for yourselves why I am so happy on this miserable Sunday morning. :-D

Love you


sikenthreads said...

that jewellery is adorable! love your blog btw :)

stasie said...

lovely stuff)