Sunday, 19 September 2010


Hey ladies,

Seen as I am on a no-spending-money-on-clothes recover scheme I decided I might as well make a wishlist of clothes that I would buy if I could. That way if I win the lottery or some lovely billionaire decides to give me lots of money, I know what to buy.
It can't hurt to look, can it?

Those are just some beautiful things that I found whilst searching the internet. Now I'm just going to sit and look at them :-D, ahhh...

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Hey I just found your blog and I love photography too! (proud owner of a Nikon D3000, my first DSLR)!
I love fashion too (and beauty) and I'm going to follow your blog, looking forward to more posts,

mariska said...

they r cuteee,,
love em too.


Half Dressed said...

Nice choices :) I just found your blog :) I have a wishlist as long as my arm, it's not good when you have no money

L x
Half Dressed

Sara Louise said...

i love those little floral socks ! wud be so perfect with sandals

Laura said...

haha looking can't hurt... unless your as bad as me and have clicked order, confirm, pay before you've even realised what you'v e done!!